Silver Tortoise Lightweight Lashes


Cherita NITA presents our very own - Lightweight Lashes. Designed for everyday wear, maintain your natural look while enhancing your eyes! Let's rewind back to the 60's and merge ourselves into the glitz and glamour of the film entertainment industry with the Buluh Inn falsies. First time at trying false lashes? No problem! Our faux mink lashes are wispy, easy to apply and comfortable on the eyes. And, they're cruelty free!


1 pair of Lightweight Lashes

*Lash glue is not included.


  • Trim the lashes to fit your eyes.
  • Apply glue on the lashes, and wait for about 20 seconds.
  • Stick the middle part of the lash and adjust accordingly to your eye.
  • Continue by pressing on the outer corner of your eye.
  • And secure it by sticking the inner corner parts. Repeat with the other side!


Made of silky, ultra-soft synthetic fibres with a flexible cotton band. 100% Animal Cruelty-Free!

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