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Bahulu Jumbo Kurma Blending Sponge in Maroon
Blending Sponge in Maroon
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42 Reviews
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BAHULU is back in JUMBO size! It’s the perfect blending sponge for your makeup struggles! Blend your foundation or any liquid/creamy textured makeup easily within seconds. It’s the most delicious makeup sponge you’ll ever come across (it looks good but don’t eat it!). Crafted to be ultra soft for the smoothest effect on your skin, flawless makeup is no longer impossible with BAHULU, which leaves no lines and streaks on your application!

Colour: Maroon

Product shelf life: 60 months

Latex-free sponge

  Reviews (42)
Afaf Nabila
27 May 2020

Bahulu jumbo is really squishy and soft. I love it when applying my make up

Atirah Juhari
24 May 2020

This is soo jumbo and so soft!!! I loveee it so much!

Khairun Nisa
20 May 2020

AMAZINGGGG STUFF. It blends my makeup perfectly! ????????

19 May 2020

i love the colour of the bahulu so much! yesss it grows so big after soaking in water. so soft too ><

Shafiqah Khairulazli
09 May 2020

Love the blending spongeee