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Cerminita - Gula Kapas

Cuteeeeee and kecik letak kt purse pun muat ????

Nazira Azmi


Teh Ais Matte Liquid Lipstick in Peach Beige

My second fav shade after ais kepal. Teh ais is like nude color with orange base. Suitable even u have pale skin.



Powder Drum Kit Foundation - 3.0 Honey

Bought it for my aunt and she loves it! She has medium to tanned skin tone

Nurul Farhanah


4.0 Rough Edge Mikrofon Foundation

The best foundation ever!!!!! ????????

Nor Nadhirah Norsham


Bandung Matte Liquid Lipstick in Blush Nude

In love with the colors ! especially the mini bullet matte lipstick very tiny and easy to bring anywhere even without your handbag !❤️

Nuha Najwa


Bandung Matte Liquid Lipstick in Blush Nude

The only liquid matte brand my chaffed lips can tolerate. Super hydrating!

Nur Hasni Abdul Motthalib


Hip Hop Blusher in Matte Coral

Blended well and pigmented. I love this colour because its like natural.

Nursaiidah Asmuri


Bahulu Jumbo Lompang Blending Sponge in Pink

Im so in love with this! Very soft and it’s double the size once its wet! Very promising! Love this brand so much!

Nur sharmeen Cadano calicdan


Jambu Ais Matte Liquid Lipstick in Sherbet Nude

The package was in good shape. The product inside as well <3

Reena Awliyatul Imani Reezal Merican


Bubble Bath Micellar Foam Make Up Remover

This is the first micellar foam that i use. It was so easily to use it. And all makeup was easily removes. The packing is so cute so cool. It can use just by hand or cotton pads. No need to pump many times. It just removes simply. Sooo love it. And it also not oily after removes the makeup. Feel so fresh. I hope soon you will upgrade the size to more bigger. Much loveee nita...

Nurshahfirah Zulkifli


Tapau Mini Liquid Matte Lipsticks - Balik Kampung

Really impressed with the colours, packaging, texture and staying power!

dania ridzwan


Bungkus Mini Liquid Matte Lipsticks - Balik Kampung

Bought this as a gift for my sister last year. She has been a fan of NITA ever since.

Fatin Samsu


Bahulu Jumbo Kurma Blending Sponge in Maroon

Love the blending spongeee

Shafiqah Khairulazli


2.0 Two Phat Mikrofon Foundation

Best sgt foundation ni.. X over.. Senang nak solat.. Jatuh cinta.. Tahan lama...



Teh Tarik Matte Liquid Lipstick in Rose Beige

love all the colors i bought

Mizah Sawal


Miloh Matte Bullet Lipstick in Cocoa Nude

I love this shade and texture so much! Keep producing quality products Nita & Team! ✨✨✨✨✨



Powder Drum Kit Foundation - 3.0 Honey

I love powder drum kit , very light and natural look even apply banyak kali ,

Tasnim Khadijah


Jambu Ais Matte Liquid Lipstick in Sherbet Nude

suka color and texture dia. tak melekit and senang nak pakai.

zianna hairudin


Make Up Cleanser Wipes Set of 3

Terbeli a day before tht big sale. Stress. Still best

Nabilah Othman


Cherita Nita Set & Spray - Cherry Blossom

Tbh, this is my first time trying out set & spray. What i can say is this set & spray does not irritates my skin. I love the scent by the way!

Anis Nazura Distapa


Make Up Cleanser Wipes Set of 3

HOLY GRAIL! Love this so much. Do not ever discontinue this.

Inas Zahari


Cherita Nita Set & Spray - Aloe Vera

My fav setting spray ever! With minimal ing and i like the ingredients inside. Niacinamide and a lot of hydrating properties. Melts my makeup well (so my makeup wont look “powdery”) and makes my makeup look dewy and satin. Lawaaa!! However im only giving 4 stars bcs the fragrancd caused my skin to breakout :( i want the unscented one pls!

Ameera Jamaludin


Sago Matte Liquid Lipstick in Seashell Nude




Sarsi Matte Liquid Lipstick in Berry Beige

Loving the formula.. The colour suits with all skin type.. Love, love it!

Sara J


Bahulu Mini Blending Sponge

WORTH MY MONEY! It makes my work easier especially in blending my concealer under my eyes plus it is soooo cute ❤❤❤

Aleeya Aisha


Ikat Tepi Mini Bullet Matte Lipsticks - Balik Kampung

A good matte lipstick can last all day long and this matte lipstick last very long on my lips! Cant wait to finish it all so i can purchase the new one!!

inessa ismail


7.5 Slam Mikrofon Foundation

Perfect shade for me. Super buildable and light enough so it doesn’t look cakey.

Shaelina Martin John Patrick


Miloh Matte Liquid Lipstick in Cocoa Nude

miloh is such a dark shade, so what I would do is I wear a cherry shade liptint from IN2IT and then i apply miloh by my pinky finger; and it looks natural ! my skin tone is 3.0 RESTU (nita foundation), so you probably would fit wearing miloh too if you have similar or nearer shade to mine!

Farhanna Abd


Ais Kepal Matte Bullet Lipstick in Plum Nude

Its like a sexy lingerie that clings on my lips naturally. Blends so well and naturally! I love it and looking to buy more colours. So beautiful !

June Liang


Cham Matte Liquid Lipstick in Brick Red

Very good texture!

Sofia hani


1.5 KRUU Mikrofon Foundation

It is easier for me to apply them on my face & carry them around w me. Loveeeeeeeee!



Ais Kacang Multipurpose Palette

THIS MULTIPURPOSE PALLETE easy for me to bring this everywhere and its so pigmented and I love the colours!

Sara Nadia Mohd Saufe


Pelekat Koleksi Warung

Comel je pelekat. Harap boleh buat lagi koleksi pelekat. Saya peminat pelekat.

Fiena Zaira


Make Up Cleanser Wipes

good. very satisfied

Wan Syarinar Wan Ibrahim


2.0 Two Phat Mikrofon Foundation

the best ever foundation i have!!

zianna hairudin


Bungkus Mini Bullet Matte Lipsticks - Balik Kampung

My fav shade is sago and teh ais. Smol size and it is so cute. Glides smoothly on my lips. Gonna repurchase big size later. Thank you!

Adila Adlin


Rock Blusher in Matte Sunset Brown

Pigmented blusher, and cute packaging

Lana A.


Bahulu Jumbo Lompang Blending Sponge in Pink

Will forever be my favorite beauty blender.. blend any of the foundation with such ease.. but now all i use is nita cosmetics.. cant wait to see what else aznita has got to make us go gaga

Henna Bartolome


Rush & Brush Oil Based Cleanser - Sakura

Love this rush brush cleanser! Easy to clean the brushes. Very recommended. Will purcase more in the future !

Nurul Waheeda


Tapau Mini Liquid Matte Lipsticks - Balik Kampung

Loved the shade and Matt finishing. Best is this lipstick doesn’t cause my lips crack!

liza tee


Make Up Cleanser Wipes Set of 3

It has a very nice soothing smell. Wipes are soft so when used to clean delicate areas like that around the eyes, it doesn’t hurt. Removes make up satisfactorily. I find my make up is removed well ising this wipes.

Nur Husna Ridzuan


Bahulu Kacang Blending Sponge in Maroon

The sponge is really soft and helps to blend foundation smoothly.

Reshina Segar


Cham Matte Liquid Lipstick in Brick Red

Baru berapa kali pakai terus kena rembat dengan adik.. she love it too..

Fatin Sabrina


Bungkus Mini Bullet Matte Lipsticks - Balik Kampung

I love it so much ! So cute and smell so good ❤️

Aisyah Syahirah Mohd Ibrahim


Sago Matte Bullet Lipstick in Seashell Nude

Love the color, but I ordered 2 of this shade but only received one and the other is kopi susu :(

Aina Najwa Zulkifly


Make Up Cleanser Wipes Set of 3

Keep restocking this wet wipes because i just love it.. ????

Farah Raina Rahim


Ikat Tepi Mini Bullet Matte Lipsticks - Balik Kampung

This Balik Kampung series has started my love for the Cham lipstick. It’s a fantastic idea for those who’s new to Nita Cosmetics to try out their products. Kudos Nita!

Nurul Wahida Samsuddin


4.0 Rough Edge Mikrofon Foundation

I have several issues to point out regarding this product but before we jump to the cons, let’s look at the pros first.

1) LOVE the dewy-natural finish this foundation gives. Good for everyday makeup.
2) Decent coverage too. I managed to cover my lighter blemishes but the darker ones need extra help with a concealer.
3) Travel-friendly bottle. I travel a lot so I appreciate compact-sized product and since the bottle is plastic, I do not have to fear it being broken.
4) Wide variety of shade range.

1) The foundation transfers easily. Compared to my other foundations (mostly drugstore), this one tends to transfer to my clothings easily, especially if I’m wearing light-coloured clothes. Setting it with powder didn’t help either.
2) Tbh, I prefer if the foundation is in a pump rather than a twisty-tube type of bottle. I find it difficult to open the cap and twisting it is definitely a cardio for me. Pumps are the way to go.
3) Idk why but I tried cleaning the sponge
tip and it did not turn white. It became dirty-coloured so...again, pumps are preferable.
4) The foundation is only 20ml? Standard foundations, be it in drugstores or Sephora, have 30ml of content. I generally like the foundation and I wear it on a daily basis so it sucks to know this foundation will run out quicker than other foundations I’ve tried in the past.

I see potential in this foundation and I love this brand as a whole. But I do hope it can be improved in the future

Nuha Madihah Jauhari


Bandung Matte Liquid Lipstick in Blush Nude

this is so good for me for my everyday wear to work!

Nurul Hidayah


Bahulu Mini Blending Sponge

Definitely soft!

Sarah Rashid


Tapau Mini Liquid Matte Lipsticks - Balik Kampung

the colours are super pretty and pigmented!! stays on my lips for quite a long time

Ili Najihah Ahmad Hizzad


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