farah athirah
13 Oct 2020

"I really love Teh Ais on my lips! Another shades on next month list haha. Light and smooooth textures. Easy to apply and matte :)"

Fetty Christlla Refin
12 Oct 2020

The colour and the texture is so nice! I love it. However, it tends to look dry and chappy after few minutes.

Alia Najiha
06 Oct 2020

Bought this after tried the bullet one. Love the colour. Sangat selesa bila pakai and senang nak remove ????

Ain Nadhirah Khamarruzaman
29 Sep 2020

Teh Ais is my most favorite shade out of all the Warung lip matte series. I bought this one early this year and I still haven’t finished it yet. This lip matte gives you a pretty finishing for your lips!

Nur Syafiqah
27 Sep 2020

Paling best guna sebab ringan and rasa macam tak apply ape ape kat lips .. Tak rugi beli ..