Izzah Mazlan
18 Dec 2020

pretty reddish orange shade love it! comfy on lips cuz it dries down to matte & feels light. suitable for daily use.

Norniza Mohd Hamdan
12 Nov 2020

I love this colour so much, cantik sangat!! You guys should try

farah athirah
06 Nov 2020

My favorite shades! Very lightweight and easy to apply on my lips. The best liquid matte I ever tried!

Azira Jais
02 Oct 2020

My second purchase. Best sgt sgt ye lipmatte dr Nita cosmetics ni. Warna pigmented, byk pilihan, cantik2 plk tu. packaging pon lawa masha Allah. beli la guys. serious x mnyesal.

Durgawathy Supramaniam
21 Jul 2020

i just the color on my lips
absolutely stunning and long lasting