Azwa Syamsull
18 May 2020

Loveeeee this colour, my favourite so far! Super lightweight even though it is a matte lipstick, does not feel sticky on the lips and stays well on the lips too!

Nurul Hidayah Zainal
09 May 2020

Because I love it so much, I decoded I want to give this as a present so one of my friends. Psst... She loves it too!

Nurul Hidayah Zainal
09 May 2020

Love how this lipstick has a watery consistency to it at first (makes applying it SO much easier) and then it sets on your lips without drying them! Not to mention the colour is super duper nice

Sofyyana Sofhan
07 May 2020

ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! it doesnt make my lips look chappy and i loveeeee the colour, it suits so good with my skin. <333

Nurshahfirah Zulkifli
28 Apr 2020

I love how the colour suit me very well. It was not too dark and not too light. I like this kind of tone colour. It like red orengy. It was so easy to apply it. Feel so lightweight when wear it. It also not make the lips become dry. It was not fully matte. A bit creamy. I love how the texture.