Aliya Raihanah Azhar
11 Nov 2019

I bought this during the 11.11 sale so it’s only RM 23 for one, and that’s a good deal for me. I just wanna say thank you nitacosmetics for being so generous with your sales like always.
This lipstick is just like my old favourite lipstick, in terms of both the formula and the colour. The texture of it on my lips is almost similar (just slightly drier, but works just fine with a bit of lip balm beforehand), and the colour is the perfect shade. I use the Mikrofon foundation in shade 3.5 so this lipstick gives out a beautiful natural orangey colour. Like it looks like I’m having the normal lip colour, except has a tiny bit of pop of colour, which I really love because it’s not too striking or overwhelming. Overall I love ittt thank you!

Nurul Waheeda
08 Nov 2019

Love the colour

Nur Izzah Adriana Bt Mohd Muzaini
08 Nov 2019

The colour is so nice

Khairunnisa Rahmat
06 Nov 2019

too red for my liking but when I blend it with teh tarik, the color turn out so nice!

Sofia hani
30 Oct 2019

Very good texture!