nancy jayapala
18 Jan 2021

Love this lipstick shade, such a sexy colour. It complements tan skin tones as well. Surely is a colour that i always reach out to.

Siti Sarah Binti Mohamad Khairi
22 Nov 2020

Yesssss i love them so much!!! The color is very nice the texture also not too thick..

Najiihah Auliar
18 Oct 2020

Love this colour, its my favourite. Smooth purchase and delivery.

Intan Nazirah
03 Oct 2020

Such a pretty colour! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Amira Hussain
28 Sep 2020

i just love its smooth application! it didnt crack my lips as well. sirap, teh tarik and miloh are my all-time favorites! definitely gonna repeat buying these!