Nur Afifah
24 Feb 2021

Love the colours! Very light on the lips & love it that they come in mini!

Eeja Najia
23 Feb 2021

I love the brown nudish colour & i really love this concept, you can try a lot of lipstick and you can bring to travel

farah athirah
29 Jan 2021

"For those who love nude makeup looks, you should try Tapau series as the shades more to brown-pink-nude shades. Pretty shades are all in there"

farah athirah
29 Jan 2021

"Has been eyeing for this set for a long time. Those 5 shades are pretty and suitable for daily makeup looks."

Aliaa Nurdiyana
20 Jan 2021

Rasa ringan bila pakai, tak sticky and colour dia pun SEMUA cantikk. Love sangat