12 Aug 2021

just love it, very smooth on my lips! definitely will buy the rest!

Ain Shawani
03 Aug 2021

Love all the shades of the mini lipmatte. Been eyeing for so long to buy this one because it is cute! Worth it!

Aunei Anuar
14 Jun 2021

The coloursssss!!! Cantik sangat and it lasts long! Saya ada bibir kering tapi kalau pakai ni tak rasa kering and it is also very light not too heavy on the lips. Also my lips are very sensitive tapi so far xde alahan lagi pakai ni! Downside would be the stain, bila minum or makan pakai sudu the stain is quite a lot (not sure if its my technique ke apa).

farah athirah
08 Jun 2021

"Safely arrived! The shades is really beautiful. Love the mini so muchhh!"

Izyan Azlin
27 Apr 2021

I really love how matte it is the formula and it feels very lightweight! Compared to the bullet lipstick. Totally worth the money. Thank you <3