Tabitha Lim
18 Aug 2020

Super cute set with lovely colours that complement my skin tone. My favourite is Ais Kepal. The small size also helps make it travel friendly so I can bring all kinds of colours whenever I’m out of the house.

Meej Ahmad
15 Aug 2020

It is very easy for me to purchased and make payments online, it makes it easier for me, especially now that I am in another country.

Sarah Aina
11 Aug 2020

loveeee the mini liquid lippies! if you’re a person who wants to try everything or is indecisive to choose which shade this is perfect for you cause when you have your fav, you can buy it in the real size!

dania ridzwan
09 Aug 2020

Really impressed with the colours, packaging, texture and staying power!

Hafiza Salleh
09 Aug 2020

I love the texture. So lightweight! Colour pun cantik je!