Sheera Farok
15 May 2021

I’ve purchased two Tapau series offline before and I am a BIG fan of it! My lips can be a little dry on some days but this minis have never dried my lips. Its travel-friendly size makes it easy for me to stuff it into my handbag. I love all the colours and I am planning to collect the full size of all of it ????

farah athirah
29 Jan 2021

"Tapau done. Bungkus Done. Ikat tepi coming sooon! NITA cosmetics never disappoint me with their shades and idea"

Siti Sarah Binti Mohamad Khairi
10 Dec 2020

If a person worry about sago shade being too light, add some of ais kepal/aisnkacang/ribena

Siti Sarah Binti Mohamad Khairi
10 Dec 2020

The lipmatte suits the best for the pale-medium skin.. The texture def light and easy to wear

Nurul Waheeda
05 Dec 2020

Loveeee alll the colour! It feels moisturized on lips ????