Nur Azhanie Azmi
09 Oct 2020

super cute! color dia mmg sesuai dgn smua keadaan dan baju!

Ain Nadhirah Khamarruzaman
29 Sep 2020

Teh Ais, Sago and Jambu Ais are literally the prettiest shades I’ve worn! This mini ones can last up to 1 month, depending on how much you’re wearing. I definitely need to buy the bigger sized ones next!

Eeja Najia
28 Sep 2020

Love all the colour! Semua colour sesuai ngan my medium skintone. All the nude colour sesuai ngan i. LOVE IT!!!!

Eeja Najia
28 Sep 2020

Love this colour so much!!! I really love the texture, very lightweight. Gonna buy a lot of nita cosmetics product after this

Stephina Laing
25 Sep 2020

perfect for everyday use! thanks nita team! looking forward to try other products!