Aishah Rapi
19 Aug 2020

Love all the shades!! Each of them is really nice and pigmented, also very travel friendly!

Ili-Mastura Mashudi
16 Aug 2020

The colours might be a bit different due to light intensity. However, the texture is so nice. I love it! Long lasting lipmatte.

Afidah Ariffin
06 Jun 2020

this is not my first time i bought things from nita. before this i bought ais kacang pallete. it was amazing! All in one and was pigmented! i love. So this time i bought this mini packet balik kampung. i in love with jambu ais shade. And already bought it! REALLY GOOD MUST BUY!

Nurul Farhanah
12 May 2020

I like warung collection in mini(s) set of 5 bcs it is travel-friendly. This set enables me to try all 5 shades and buy the shades that I like the most in full size. Soooo jimat!

Yasmin Rasli
05 May 2020

Buying these to try out varieties of colour before getting the full size ones. The liquid matte lippies really worth every penny!