Putri Farhana
15 Nov 2019

The eyeliner was so great even though when u are sweat a lot,it just stay there without any messy around your eyes

Farah Raina Rahim
08 Nov 2019

I like the fact that the eyeliner is waterproof but at the same time easy to remove it... Berbeza dgn brand dri drugstore. Bila remove akan tinggal kesan hitam bwah mata. But this one is not at all

Nabilah Othman
05 Nov 2019

I dunno if its my pipi or the eyeliner.. rasa smudgy. Full star sbb masa apply dia best. Cepat dry off

Norhayati Abdul Rahim
25 Oct 2019

Drawing the line so easy using this eyeliner

Amirah Balqis Binti Amir Amran
24 Oct 2019

Now I can wear cat eyeliner to class in a jiffy !!!!!! Super easy. I love it