Maritess Totu
05 May 2020

This is a MUST in my make up bag! The tip is still solid even after countless of daily use. HIGHLY RECOMMEND MATA KUCING EYELINER!

Nurul Wahida Samsuddin
03 May 2020

Nice! Applies smoothly. When will the mascara be back? :(

Adeyrah Nur Fitrah
30 Apr 2020

Not a fan of eyeliner but this one is an exception!

Siti Aisyah
30 Apr 2020

my first ever eyeliner!! i really love this one and it has this kind of smooth texture that when you wear it, it doesnt hurt your eyes ????????

28 Apr 2020

I tak reti pakai eyeliner sebab bila i pakai ada smudge all over my eyes ???? tp bila try mata kucing ni seriously senang sbb dia ada fine tip, nice handling size lepastu warna dia mcm cair2 tp pigmented. Senang nak padam juga ???? really love it ❤️