Julie Chee
30 Nov 2019

Love this! So precise in drawing!

Anis Rosli
22 Nov 2019

It behaved like a waterproof eyeliner, but when you wanted to take it off, it came off with ease and left no traces behind.
Glides on lids smoothly, creating your desired look without fading :)

Thumbs up Nita <3

17 Nov 2019

The eyeliner superb awesome, waterproof and easy to apply

Putri Farhana
15 Nov 2019

The eyeliner was so great even though when u are sweat a lot,it just stay there without any messy around your eyes

Farah Raina Rahim
08 Nov 2019

I like the fact that the eyeliner is waterproof but at the same time easy to remove it... Berbeza dgn brand dri drugstore. Bila remove akan tinggal kesan hitam bwah mata. But this one is not at all