Edrina Natasha
18 Nov 2021

The colours are so pretty!! Suitable for daily use :) present for my friend and she loves it !

Zaidah Damirin
22 Oct 2021

Best sangat! Warna dia cantik, sesuai dengan skin tone saya (blusher). Untuk jadi eyeshadow pun cantik sangat! In loveeee! Packaging comel sangat! ❤️❤️

Keerthana Murugeswaran
27 Aug 2021

I love the palette so much. It looks good and the colours are beautiful.

Nur Afiqah
29 Jul 2021

Been wanting to try this for so long and now that I finally have it, I have to say that the product exceeded my expectations. It is super pigmented and I just love how shimmery the product is whenever I use it for my eyeshadows! Major love!

Nur Zuleyka
15 May 2021

Thankyouuu! I suka sangatt this pallete easy to blend! Packaging lawo macam biasa. Thankyou nita! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️