Hjh Nurul 'Ainun Basirah Hj Awg Besar
04 Oct 2020

Managed to grab this one and oh my goodness! it is very pigmented, unfortunately there was a damage during shipping but I contacted the team through IG and they will send a replacement! good products and good service!! tip top *****

Namy Kunjipathy
30 Sep 2020

I LOVE THE COLORSSSS ARGHHHHH!! Shimmering and glittering when applied to the skin! The names also intriguing. The packaging also... vintage and pinkk! Love every detail of it!

Hafizatul Nasuha
13 Sep 2020

so pigmented! I very loved the texture so much! The packaging so so cute

Nuraishah Jumali
05 Sep 2020

Very pigmented! And this is all you need for everyday simple make up. This palette can be used as blusher, contour and eyeshadow as it is claimed

31 Aug 2020

The colours are very pigmented. Turns really nice when applying to your face.