Nabiha Azman
09 May 2020

Please buy this multipurpose pallete sebab senang sangat! Boleh buat eyeshadow, blusher! Semudah abc hehehe ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shutha Avadiyan
06 May 2020

The must have item in my bag. My blusher and my eye shadow all in one .

Sara Nadia Mohd Saufe
06 May 2020

THIS MULTIPURPOSE PALLETE easy for me to bring this everywhere and its so pigmented and I love the colours!

Nabiha Azman
20 Apr 2020

My favourite after the blusher! Love the texture, the shimmer. I use this as eyeshadow & blusher. So easy to have this multipurpose pallete.

Fatin Samsu
04 Feb 2020

Been bringing this palette during travel. A total life safer.