Nur shamimi Binti amir rudin
29 Apr 2020

Very nice colour and so pigmented ????????????????

Irin Mazri
21 Apr 2020

Hi, this is my 1st purchased regarding your product, i suka sangat sebab dia pigmented and pakai celit sekali je dah boleh up for more than 8 hours! cantik sangat dan i think suitable for any skin pun besar pulak tu blusher dia jimat n packaging pun cantik siap ada cermin, that why i love nita cosmetics so much. xoxo

Eleny Zainy
15 Apr 2020

Perfect mauve that suits all skin tones, I must say! Will give you that natural-looking blush. Love Balada!

Nurul Widya Zainol Rashid
09 Apr 2020

pigmented !

Sceleena Varghese
14 Mar 2020

i absolutely love this blusher. i had a long tiring day with all the sweats and all and it is still there perfectly on my cheeks!! love love love