Anis Farahin
24 Apr 2021

Everything is so nice. Colour so nice. Very recommended. Surely will repurchase ????

Aliaa Nurdiyana
20 Jan 2021

Colour dia cantik. Very pigmented, mula mula rasa mcm tak sesuai je dekat muka. Tapi bila dah apply colour dia blend well giteww.

Fatin Khalisah Chew
18 Jan 2021

I’ve been eyeing this blusher since i saw khaininakhalil use in one of her makeup looks and i immediately fell in love. It looks natural and it’s suitable for everyday. I’ve tried it and the pigmentation is wow. For my light skintone, a little goes a long way. I kinda went overboard the first time because i doubted the pigmentation haha. My mistake. Looking forward to buy other shades as well !

Sharifah Qistina Syed Hassan
21 Dec 2020

very nice colour! Highly pigmented blusher.. easy to blend!

Amalin Alani Mohd Awi
13 Sep 2020

This hip hope blusher is very pigmented . I love the shade of orange . The perfect orange shade for my skin tone . It will give you that cute coral effect .