Aida Malek
26 Dec 2019

very pigmented, i love it all product from nita cosmetics!

amirah sariyati mohd yahya
21 Nov 2019

pigmented blusher!

Nur Atifah Khamarruzaman
19 Nov 2019

i loveeee this color as it gives me natural blusher look that suits my skintone.

Nur Izzah Adriana Bt Mohd Muzaini
08 Nov 2019

I love the colour and the packaging

Nuha Madihah Jauhari
30 Oct 2019

LOVE the colour! Although it is claimed to be very pigmented, I have to disagree with that. My skintone is medium tan with warm/olive undertone and it took me 2-3 layers of this blusher for the colour to really show up on my cheeks. However, my friend who has a fairer skintone certainly did not have any problem applying the blusher. It’s not a problem for me as I prefer a blusher that I can build its intensity rather than it being straight up pigmented. Overall, I love the colour, the packaging is A+ and the size of the pan is big enough to fit my larger brushes. Will definitely buy other colours soon!