Nabilah Othman
19 May 2020

Like the name... Memang very sunset. Macam golden tan. My friends ask me to buy using my account. So sis belikan aje Although for my taste would be great you know kalau ada cam some sort of shimmer. Tak glitter. Shimmer. Tapi paham this one untuk matte finish. So ok je, boleh buat countour (tak tahu eja) of sort

farah athirah
18 May 2020

OH MYYYY the blusher is very pigmented! I should collect the entire collection.

Afza Nurqistina
11 May 2020

Tbh this one just go straight to the list all time fav, the orangey colour oh myy ❤️❤️❤️ and all you need is just a little sebab pigmented gilaaa. Love it!

Nur Najihah
05 May 2020


Fathiah Saad
05 May 2020

Love ❤️