Fitri Azizah Fauziah bt Aziz
30 Oct 2021

i x pernah use local lipstick and my first is Nita ! what a good product ???????? warna pun semua cantik, i love this and will repeat more ????

Anne M. Nafi
10 Aug 2021

Seriously best! Sampai pagi tadi, terus pakai lipstick ni. Its matte but moisturized sgt. Love all the colors. Worth buying! Standard international makeup line. Great job NITA cosmetics

Nurhanisah Muhd khairi
28 Apr 2021

Super nice packaging. Loves all the shades, all of them are beautiful shades.

12 Mar 2021

bought it for my mum and she loves it! keep up the good work NITA cosmetics!

Iza Maria Mohamad Rusdi
16 Feb 2021

Perfect Nude Colors for daily use. Great moisturizing feeling. Size tho small last for many applications. Love this.