Nadia Natasha
05 May 2020

aaaaaaa the colours is so pretty & the lipstick is so small & cuteeeeee <333333

farah diyana
05 May 2020

I puas hati dgn all the shades. I suka!!!!!!

Lina Irwan
05 May 2020

The first Nita bullet matte lipstick that i wore is from my friend, which sarsi, after that i just “hey friend where did u buy this, i wanna grab some” there you are finally i got one, love the texture and it gives moisture to your lip, bak kata pepatah “belum cuba belum tahu, sudah cuba pasti nak lagi” huhu

Nur Najihah
05 May 2020

Unboxing all the colours! And wow!!! Beautiful❤️

Sarah siti aisyah Mustapha kamal
04 May 2020

will absolutely repurchase this item!!