24 Apr 2020

This is my second purchase of bungkus mini bullet lipsticks because i like it soooo muchhh. i like it because i can wear any colour that i want. plus, it is easy to bring as it is mini and cute ???? loveeeee ????????????????

Nur Balqish
24 Apr 2020

the bullet matte lipstick is amazing. definitely going tu buy again. huhu

Udaimatunnur Uzma
22 Apr 2020

I love it!! Lepas ni boleh tak keluarkan yang saiz besar :)))

Nurshahfirah Zulkifli
21 Apr 2020

The colour in this packaging was so nice so beautiful. It was suitable for nude version and who are dont want a bold one colour can grab this set. The packaging was so cute. And it was suitable to bring anywhere with that size. It was a brilliant idea to create this product cause can easily to someone try all the shade in this size. So if it okay to their skintone, they can upgrade to the biggest one. Sometimes not all shade can suit with our skintone. Lucky, all shade was suit with me. Btw all nita product was sooo good. Thanks for the founder cause this brand was exist. Sooo quality i loveeee itttttt..... Will repeattt again!!!

Nurul Wahida Samsuddin
21 Apr 2020

Love the colours especially teh tarik!