28 Feb 2020

The product is really good. The delivery is on time, package is nicely wrap in bubbles. The box come out nice.
The color if the lipstics is nice. Nita cosmetics sholud continue launch this products and make it avaliable all the time.

Syafa Atikah
28 Feb 2020

The colours are very very nice especially teh ais and sago but my jambu ais broke when i swatched it on my hand :(( all in all im happy with the purchase :D

sarah hilmee
11 Feb 2020

Literally bought all three sets after falling in love with the liquid lipstick. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! this range is the more subtle range but gorgeous!

Henna Bartolome
03 Jan 2020

Collected all the 15 shades of mini lipstick.. next mission is to collect the mini lipmattes

Fadiah Nordiyana Hassan
30 Dec 2019

I bought one set balik kampung for me & one set for my sister but then ended up im getting both of them because i love it so much and the packaging so small i can just throw it in my pocket!