Nadia Alya Mohd Nasri
23 Oct 2020

A great starter kit for when you don’t know which shade of the bullet lipstick will match your skintone. Other than that, they’re very cute and can easily be carried with you without taking up too much space!

18 Oct 2020

Jatuh hati dengan semua warna lipsticks ni! Sgt cantik dan tak melekit. Saiz boleh dikatakan sebesar jari kelengkeng. Jadi kalau nak cuba mana2 warna sebelum beli yg saiz besar, boleh la beli ikat tepi dulu.

Farah Ilyana
10 Oct 2020

my friend likes it so much! i bought as her birthday present for this year. thanks a lot nita! i used to share my happiness to my friends! glad they like it too ????♥️

Farah Ilyana
09 Oct 2020

my first nita! totally worth my money. my favourite shade all the time is sirap!! very light weight and easy to glide on your lips ????

Yasmin Cathrina
09 Oct 2020

LOVEEEE the colours !!! It suits me sooo perfectly ????