Nuratikah Abdul Rahman
12 Aug 2020

Receive in good condition.
Love nitacosmetics !

Dilla Dil
06 Aug 2020

I reaallly reallly love the color!! The set suits me well.. I have dark skin fyi. The set gives me a wide range of color, from nude to strong. Will definitely buy again. Oh my fav would be asam boi!!

farah athirah
24 Jul 2020

"Very fast delivery! It tooks me a week to arrive Sarawak girls. The shades is pretty too!"

Durgawathy Supramaniam
21 Jul 2020

the most affordable collection
cute in size, amazing colors

Norainni Janai
15 Jul 2020

As my bag is always small, this is one of the best size. Like a thumb and I am sure it can last for a bit! And it gives me option everyday, never get bored with options!