Sabrina Jalil
27 Jan 2022

Love every single one of it. The colours are amazing and so practical in size. Easy to bring anywhere✨

NurHuriyah Hadfina Zunazri
22 Dec 2021

Too cute. The formula is very creamy and it does not cling onto my dry lips in any weird way. i have these like forever but still got plenty of it left.

Zuhairi Zulkefli
03 Nov 2021

Best gila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nur Izzah Adriana Bt Mohd Muzaini
26 Oct 2021

i love minissss so convenient, i can have lot of shades and most important the creamy texture but pigmented at the same time <3

Zaidah Damirin
22 Oct 2021

My favourite lipstick so far! Its super pigmented, plus its super cute! Easy to apply and erase. In loveeee!❤️❤️