Nurshahfirah Zulkifli
21 Apr 2020

The beauty blender was so soft and fluffy. It was so easy to blend it. The colour was also pretty. The name for the beauty blender was so nice. I love how the founder given all their product name. The product was sooo goooddd i love all nita product. Who are not try yet pls try one of the nita product.

Adila Adlin
15 Apr 2020

This one super soft and i use it till today. The quality was great and i make a good purchase from it. And it also has many other colour as well.

Carmelita Xavier
10 Mar 2020

Love this!!! Feels good to apply my foundation. Fair distribution. Lovely!

27 Feb 2020

The Best Ever Blending Sponge! Sangat Lembut dan Gebuuuu! Suka! Bila pakai lembutjeee kat muka.. Senang Dap Dap Dap foundation ❤️❤️❤️

Lana A.
14 Feb 2020

The name is so cute! This Bahulu Jumbo is the perfect size of fluffy blending sponge