27 Feb 2020

The Best Ever Blending Sponge! Sangat Lembut dan Gebuuuu! Suka! Bila pakai lembutjeee kat muka.. Senang Dap Dap Dap foundation ❤️❤️❤️

Lana A.
14 Feb 2020

The name is so cute! This Bahulu Jumbo is the perfect size of fluffy blending sponge

AinFilza Aziz
28 Dec 2019

my favourite sponge!!!!

Nur sharmeen Cadano calicdan
28 Dec 2019

Im so in love with this! Very soft and it’s double the size once its wet! Very promising! Love this brand so much!

Elina Zainal
27 Dec 2019

Cute blender and love that it has it’s own casing.