06 Aug 2020

I already use this sponge for 1 year, it still look like new. Not even torn yet. Will repurchase it!

Durgawathy Supramaniam
21 Jul 2020

i love bahulu jumbo
soft, puffy and cute
blending is way easier now
why wanna spend hundreds when u can get bahulu for reasonable price

Khadijah Asha'ari
06 Jul 2020

Soft and makes blending foundation as easy as ABC!

syira alyaa
09 Jun 2020

hellloooooo,, bahulu is soooooo softttttt. i fell in love at first squish hahaha ... i love it so much and the packaging is also niceeeee !!! definitely will repeat order again heee thank you nita <3

Atikah Amran
07 Jun 2020

Really love it. Bila dah rendam dengan air the size of the bahulu really grow bigger! Would like to buy the mini bahulu after this