Nurshahfirah Zulkifli
21 Apr 2020

Bahulu jumbo kurma in maroon is the named given. I love how it was named by one of our sunnah food is is kurma. I love how this founder named all the product by inspired from our cultures, food and something that relates to our life. It was so uniq. And the name was given so good. Plus the product also quality. This beuty blender was so easily to blend. It was soft and fluffly. Loveee lovee all nita product

Nor Nadhirah Norsham
13 Apr 2020

Really fluffy i loveeeeeee ????

Nazatul Nazri
07 Mar 2020

as usual, Nita quality is top notch. it would ve perfect if Nita would do combo for Bahulu and Foundation. as well as Brow pencil and eyeliner mata kucing ????

Atul Daim
03 Mar 2020

Love it

28 Feb 2020

Super Soft! Senang Nak Blend Foundation. Lembuuutty sangat kt muka... Super Loveeee ❤️❤️❤️