Danial Fadzil
15 Jan 2021

Hi! Thank you Nitacosmetics team for the wonderful shopping experience provided!

Qurratu Ain Batrisyia Shahrol Sham
29 Dec 2020

jumbooo and flufffy. andd the color is sooo pretty.

Ardini Najeeha Mohd Alwi
19 Dec 2020

The sponge so soft☺️ I love it so much.Got it during SALE

Syairah Daud
18 Dec 2020

Its an okay sponge. Its not good but its not bad either. But for the price, i think its fine :)

Nur Atiqah Syakila Rahmat
28 Oct 2020

Very spongey and it was easy to use! Thank you Nita! ????