siti nur shahira hairul
16 Sep 2020

im a fan of bahulu ever since nita has just started their business. but eventually nita has stopped the production of bahulu! then they came with bahulu jumbo. im skeptical at first when i wanted to purchase this beauty blender. just because i hate that this bahulu doesnt have a flat base. but wow suprisingly this is not that bad!

Durgawathy Supramaniam
21 Jul 2020

my sister loved the color and she said blending has been extremely smooth+consistent

Reena Awliyatul Imani Reezal Merican
01 Jun 2020

The package was in good shape. The product inside as well <3

Nur Afni
19 May 2020

Good condition and nice product.
Love it. Thank you!

19 May 2020

Very easy to blend my makeup using this bahulu. Love it so much!!