Nurshahfirah Zulkifli
28 Apr 2020

This aqua radiants liquid foundation really good. I love how the semi-matte there. Plus it also give glow effect and dewy. I love when it feel so lightweight and water based. So easy to blend and it become natural to your face. The applicator make me so easily to apply it. Definetely will repeat again!! So quality!

24 Apr 2020

Super love the foundation! Blendable, lightweight & smooth finishing. And ohhh it gives the natural glow.

Nur Eskay Dhalilah Suib
05 Mar 2020

been using Nita for so long i cant remember but definitely love it so much

shaklin sania sahlan
03 Mar 2020

the best foundation!

Nur khaleda aishah Rosaney
03 Mar 2020

I ada masalah kulit kering and kulit sensitive. Selalu pakai foundation mesti bercapuk. Tp since pakai nitacosmetic punya foundation , nmpk smooth.. and senang nk bawak and apply... lovee