Sarah Aina
18 Feb 2021

I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION SO MUCH. Its perfect for anyone who wants a medium coverage and the roller application just makes it better!

Najwa Zainal
24 Jan 2021

Super love!! I like their explanation on the description before buying. Very clear

22 Jan 2021

OH MY GOD guys! this will be my favorite foundation forever. the texture is soft and the shade really match my skin tone. i love it so much. thank you nita cosmetics for existing. will repurchase for sure :D

Yasmin Cathrina
01 Nov 2020

It matches my skintone nicelyy. Easily blended and looks like skin ????

Nur Atikah Mohd Yasin
11 Oct 2020

First of all I really love with the packaging. The shades really suit my skin tone.