Emelyne Nawawi
29 Nov 2019

Until now I have rebought this 2 times. not cakey at all. Love the formula, and stays throughout the day with the right setting powder. I love that the color is my skin tone and i look naturally glowing with it. Easy to bring on travels as well!

Noor Iman
18 Nov 2019

I really love the mikrofon foundation! Its medium coverage for my skin and looks like im not even using foundation!!!!

Sceleena Varghese
15 Nov 2019

best foundation ever fr!

Munira Afifi A Muim
14 Nov 2019

This is the best foundation i can say. The colour suit my skin very well and looks very natural on my skin. Loveeeee it ❤️

Nur Izzati Mohd Yusof
14 Nov 2019