Elina Zainal
18 Dec 2019

Easy to apply and one of the best water based foundation in the market. At par with other long-standing international brands out there.

Azaizzati Zulkifli
15 Nov 2019

This foundation is soo lightweight. It doesnt feel like you wear foundation on your face. Love the finishing look so pretty.

afina amira
07 Nov 2019

best fd evar, and its water based

Nuha Madihah Jauhari
30 Oct 2019

I have several issues to point out regarding this product but before we jump to the cons, let’s look at the pros first.

1) LOVE the dewy-natural finish this foundation gives. Good for everyday makeup.
2) Decent coverage too. I managed to cover my lighter blemishes but the darker ones need extra help with a concealer.
3) Travel-friendly bottle. I travel a lot so I appreciate compact-sized product and since the bottle is plastic, I do not have to fear it being broken.
4) Wide variety of shade range.

1) The foundation transfers easily. Compared to my other foundations (mostly drugstore), this one tends to transfer to my clothings easily, especially if I’m wearing light-coloured clothes. Setting it with powder didn’t help either.
2) Tbh, I prefer if the foundation is in a pump rather than a twisty-tube type of bottle. I find it difficult to open the cap and twisting it is definitely a cardio for me. Pumps are the way to go.
3) Idk why but I tried cleaning the sponge
tip and it did not turn white. It became dirty-coloured so...again, pumps are preferable.
4) The foundation is only 20ml? Standard foundations, be it in drugstores or Sephora, have 30ml of content. I generally like the foundation and I wear it on a daily basis so it sucks to know this foundation will run out quicker than other foundations I’ve tried in the past.

I see potential in this foundation and I love this brand as a whole. But I do hope it can be improved in the future

Che Aina Husna Che Mazlan
23 Oct 2019

going to buy more once i finish this bottle!! its superb