Tengku Putri Nor Diana Tengku Nazaruddin
23 Oct 2019

LOVE this! So easy and I could use one sheet for days I apply extra make up and just half sheet for my daily make up! Great packaging, small enough to fit in my handbag. Smells good, does not dry up my skin at all... highly recommended!

Nur Amyza Shazweena Amrul Nazri
24 Feb 2021

Very handy and easy to carry around and the texture?? omg so smooth it can cleanse my make up on my face

inessa ismail
12 Feb 2021

OMG NOT ONLY EASY TO CARRY, BUT ALSO EASY GILA NAK WIPE UR MAKEUP WEHHHHHH!!!! haritu i pakai kawan i punya, i rasa best gila! so i terus grab la apa lagi!

22 Jan 2021

A must have in my bag/telekung bag. I like its because it leaves no greasy effect on my face, does not irritate my skin and super convenient ❤️

Nurul Farahanis
20 Jan 2021

This thing works like magic. i can effortlessly remove my makeup, even the water-resistant Mata Kucing mascara were easily removed. Recommended!!