Ain Nadhirah Khamarruzaman
29 Sep 2020

I have bought this makeup wipe for so many times already as it is my favorite out of all the wipes that I have used from other brands. Definitely a must buy since it removes your makeup very neatly!

Ain Nadhirah Khamarruzaman
29 Sep 2020

Please buy this makeup wipe! It removes my makeup instantly and gives a lot of moisture and hydrating effect to my face as it is not dry at all. I only need 1 wipe for my whole face. 10/10!

Eeja Najia
28 Sep 2020

Boleh bawa travel, senang remove makeup nak gi solat.

Syahmina Uzma
27 Sep 2020

very moisturizing as it does not leave a tight feeling. it removes makeup easily

Nuraishah Jumali
05 Sep 2020

This make up wipes is my current fav when i go out. It really not irritating my skin. Love!