Alliya Azizi
09 Jul 2020

love2 these makeup wipess it clears out everything easily and thank you for the birthday reward<3

Nur Tasnin Athirah Faizul
19 Jun 2020

Removes makeup well and has nice smell, does not leave burning feeling even after wiping many times! Removes waterproof mascara too although take slightly longer

Nurul Farhanah
17 Jun 2020

Repeat order for the 3rd time. I can easily remove my makeup without causing any irritation.

03 Jun 2020

Best gilerr cleanser wipes ni.. Sumpah!!! Boleh cover bersihkan keseluruhan muka dgn hanya sehelai je wipes... Such a great product nita!!! Moist!!! Sooo in love!!!

03 Jun 2020

Seriously the best ever cleanser wipe!! Nampak je comel.. Tapi bila pakai.. Bersihkan smua make up satu muka sebersihnya!! Senang.. Easy to go.. Easy to solat!!!! Giler best!! TQ nita....