Neena Arifpin
28 Apr 2021

Loving the scent and how fresh it is. Currently my new obsession! Great job, Nita!

Maritess Totu
05 May 2020

I love this set & spray and the scent is ohhhh sooooo wangiiiiii!

Anis Nazura Distapa
27 Apr 2020

Tbh, this is my first time trying out set & spray. What i can say is this set & spray does not irritates my skin. I love the scent by the way!

Balqis Zakaria
26 Apr 2020

this is my first time buying setting spray, but nita cosmetics doesnt dissapoint me at all ! the smell is marvellous and sweet , i like it.

Nur Amyza Shazweena Amrul Nazri
10 Apr 2020

the setting spray really, truly works. cherita nita set & spray absolutely makes a difference in the wear of my makeup. they prolong the life of my makeup application. usually i spray it on after i have finished applying my makeup, but sometimes if i need it to be more waterproof, i spray it after each step of a makeup application. not to forget, i love the scent!