Nur Hayatul Mardhiah
22 May 2020

This is my all-time favourite colour. It a must-have in my lipstick collection.

June Liang
30 Apr 2020

Its like a sexy lingerie that clings on my lips naturally. Blends so well and naturally! I love it and looking to buy more colours. So beautiful !

Sharifah Amirah Syed Ismail
21 Apr 2020

Love this lipstick! The shade is suitable for my everyday natural makeup look

Sarah Rashid
11 Apr 2020

This is my favourite shade after Sirap. Truly in love with the colour and texture!

Wan nor batrisyia Wan ahmad
09 Apr 2020

The colour is soo beautiful and the lipstick easily glide on my lips. The colour makes me feel confident to wear.