Sarah Rashid
11 Apr 2020

This is my favourite shade after Sirap. Truly in love with the colour and texture!

Wan nor batrisyia Wan ahmad
09 Apr 2020

The colour is soo beautiful and the lipstick easily glide on my lips. The colour makes me feel confident to wear.

Sarah Rashid
09 Apr 2020

Totally in love with the texture and the colour!

Miza Mohd Yunos
04 Apr 2020

Use this for my everyday loookkkkk ❤️❤️

Diyanah Zazarin
24 Mar 2020

Been eyeing the bullet lipsticks for soo long and i’m glad i finally purchased one! The colour is such a gorgeous nude and would highly recommend for those who are looking for an everyday nude! Such smooth application too!