13 Apr 2021

a very nice colours! matte finishing i love it so muchhhh
will definitely buy more next time

Azira Jais
02 Oct 2020

My third purchase. Suprisingly asam boi bullet ni x sesmart liquid punya. Ada kwn i pakai mcm xkena this shade dkt dia walhal kalau dia pakai yg liquid oky je cantiks je. Tapi for me oky je texturenya best. creamy gituw.

siti nur shahira hairul
16 Sep 2020

i really love on how pigmented this bullet lipstick is!! with only one glide, it makes such a big difference to my lips. especially asam boi, it is a really beautiful coral brownish shade just how they named it. thank you so much for creating one of my favourite local lipstick

farah athirah
06 Jul 2020

Go for asam boi if you want orange shades with a hint of brownish
Go for Cham if you want a brownish shade with a hint of red brick

Thanks me later! hehe

Nur Shahana
21 Jun 2020

Im from Singapore and when i came across Nita Cosmetics on IG i was like "i am so gonna try them!" AND I DID! i love the concept of everything frm the lipsticks to the blushers. I love this color, if u wanna start using more towards the orange color for ya lipstick, you should try Asam Boi! The clicking of the bullet lipstick is indeed very addicting! Hehe