Hanan Azman
31 Aug 2020

made my powder drum kit super blendable! however it couldnt actually set my makeup and left some stains on my mask

farah athirah
27 Aug 2020

For those who still looking for the right set & spray to set your make up for hours, you NEED to try NITA. Absolutely 100% worth it.

Nureen Alfira
17 Aug 2020

great product because it can be used as face mist as well.

Normala Hassanudin
30 Jul 2020

This set spray is perfect for me. Its give make up staying power.

Athirah Rozalan
27 Jul 2020

Sets my makeup very well! Leaving my face glowy the whole day and my makeup lasts longer. But it would be a great combination if the spray nozzle can be tweaked a bit for a finer mist.