inessa ismail
12 Feb 2021

ok this cutie one kan so cute tau! dah la mini, senang gila nak blend semua ur concealer tu! NICE WEH KENA BELI!

Qurratu Ain Batrisyia Shahrol Sham
18 Dec 2020

bahulu mini makes my life much more easier when blending the concealer at small area. i loveee it!

Syairah Daud
18 Dec 2020

Loveeee these tiny bahulu babies. But there are some very lembut like freshly baked bahulu but there are some as stiff as overly baked bahulu hehehe. But its nice to have ^^

Sree Tasshalini Uthaya Suriyan
03 Dec 2020

I love how soft the blending sponges are so soft and adorable.

Nur Hayatul Mardhiah
01 Dec 2020

I like this mini bahulu because it shorter my time to do makeup because it blends my foundation well.