Nuraishah Jumali
30 Jul 2020

This is so cuteeee, easy to use, and its also soft too. Furthermore, easy to clean it . Very affordable price for 5 mini blending sponge ! Thank you NITA

Norainni Janai
15 Jul 2020

The cutest ever! The size grew like 10% more if it is wet.

Nur Tasnin Athirah Faizul
12 Jul 2020

So cuteeee and easy to carry around with the case, super affordable for the amount of blenders you get and you can use for different products when creating a look!

Norshazwani Shazreen
10 Jul 2020

so cuteeee !!!! it is soft and travel friendly. worth my money !

farah athirah
06 Jul 2020

This mini bahulu is soooo cute hahahah I love it! But sayang nak guna sebab comel sangat