Masturina Mohd Zainudin
03 Jun 2020

I love how cute the size are. I use them to apply and blend my eyeshadow because I do realise that applying eyeshadow using blending sponge gives such a great texture. Love them!!!

Reena Awliyatul Imani Reezal Merican
01 Jun 2020

The package was in good shape. All the products inside as well <3

Aleeya Aisha
30 May 2020

WORTH MY MONEY! It makes my work easier especially in blending my concealer under my eyes plus it is soooo cute ❤❤❤

Azwa Syamsull
18 May 2020

Worth buying! Very soft and buildable! As expected from nita! Keep the good work! Always been a fan

Nurshahfirah Zulkifli
28 Apr 2020

This is was so good when nita produce this product. I love this bahulu mini blending sponge cause easy to use it when to blend under eye or any sport area that need a bit blend. I can use to blend my concealer, or as my loose powder sponge... Plus if i already use 2 or 3, and wash it. I can use another and left the that one untill it dry.